Bad Santas

So American Santa is all jolly and shit but did you know there are some seriously fucked up Santas around the world? Makes me thankful I'm American so I never had to deal with any of this nonsense. 



Kramupus a Sesto 03.jpg
By Llorenzi - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Can you believe this scary fuck? Unsurprisingly he's German in origin and also hangs out in Austria. He kidnaps and beats little kids who have been naughty. These days men in Alpine countries dress up like Krampus and scare the shit out of little kids. 

Le Pere Fouettard

Also known as the whipping father, this dude punishes kids who've been bad all year while Pere Noel goes around rewarding all the good kids. Word has it he had to go to work for Santa to repent for his shitty ways. Being a dick to kids doesn't sound like much repentance to me but OK French people.

Sinterklaas and Black Peter

In the Netherlands and Belgium, Santa Claus has a helper called Black Peter who is black because his trips down the chimney means he's covered in soot. People dress up in blackface (yes really). It all seems kinda questionable but hey I'm not Dutch.

Where they can be found: The Netherlands and Belgium



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