How and Why I Started a Stationary Company

greeting cards

My wall of cards given to me

I once had a boyfriend that would leave me cute little sticky notes all over the apartment. His notes were romantic and sweet. Think "Good morning my little champion swimmer." I am a shit swimmer and was attempting to lamely take adult swim lessons. Talk about feeling like a dodo.

I started writing my own sassier sticky notes in response. For example, thanks for making my vag sore. A little less romantic and a little more silly. Personally, I thought I was a genius. I loved writing the notes and began to come up with all kinds of ridiculous phrases I could use at a later point.

However, the boyfriend turned out to be a turd. Believe it or not, he actually broke up with me on a sticky note. The irony! Post-it should give him a lifetime supply of notes. 

The breakup gave me an idea though. What if I put my silly phrases on cards? I started with a few. “I love you like a crack whore loves crack”, “Thanks for having a big dick” and “Thanks for making my vag sore.” Just so I had more than three cards, I added other categories like Friendship, Birthday, and Thank You. I put them up online and within a week I already started selling. Within the next four months, I nabbed a feature in Cosmopolitan and within six months, I started selling at Ricky’s, a New York City chain of stores.

I figured I was onto something.

Three years and over 200 doors and counting I feel so grateful that I get to do this for a living! I get to work in my PJs, I have awesome customers, and in my own little way I feel like I’m making a difference.

The funny thing is (and in hindsight seems like a harbinger of things to come) I’ve always collected greeting cards! I’ve always loved reading all the cards from my friends and family who have taken the time to write sweet little messages. Talk about feeling loved!


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