How to Have a Coed Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party

Maybe just the thought of wearing a giant penis around your head the night before you get hitched doesn’t exactly excite you. Or maybe the idea of some chick rubbing her sweaty jugs in bae's face doesn’t exactly get you hot and bothered.



If you think separating the sexes is so 1950s, then perhaps you should consider a coed bachelorette party. Leave the penises and strippers for everyone else. Celebrate in a way that doesn't involve blacking out in a public bathroom and keeps everyone together.



Here are some ideas for a coed bachelor / bachelorette party. 






What could be better than listening to your tone deaf friends belt out bad tunes? If you still want a little rowdiness and silliness, karaoke is the way to go. You can fill get drunk and act like a fool; you're just doing it in front of all your friends and family.






If it's warm enough, a party in your backyard (or someone else’s) can be an awesome way to celebrate. It can be like a 20’s jazz party. Minus the jazz and the 20s. Fire up the grill. Or have a Southern-style crawfish boil. Play croquet or corn hole.



Wine / Brewery Tour



Presuming no one in your group is in AA, this a win-win event. Everyone likes to drink wine. Or you could do a brewery hop going from one spot to another. Just make sure you have a designated driver or you call an Uber. No one likes a car wreck.



Amusement Park



This might be the best idea ever. You get to squeeze your boo while screaming on a roller coaster. How romantic! Or when you’re stuck at the top of the Ferris Wheel. You guys can lock lips while eating funnel cake. Amusement parks are chock full of tender moments!



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