McDonalds is Going to Deliver in 2017 Because AMERICA YOU LAZY COUCH POTATO

2016 may have been painful for a lot of us. The election (or as the Great Shit Show as I like to call it). Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Prince and David Bowie kicking the bucket. But things are about to change motherfuckers. Now you can eat fried, diabetes-inducing, hangover-curing, goodness right from the comfort of your couch. Better pull out those elastic waistband pants! 

Can life get any better? I don't think so, unless they start serving coke too. JUST KIDDING. In a partnership with UBEReats, McDonalds will be offering delivery of their salty goodness in Florida starting January 2017.

Florida is a little bit like that weird cousin who just can't help arrested for dumb shit like public urination so let's just cross our fingers that nothing whack happens. Sorry Florida, still love you and your warm weather and lack of income taxes. 

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