Offbeat Valentine's Day Date Ideas

We all love our boos (well maybe not all of us) but honestly Valentine's Day dates can be a big snooze fest. Dinner, red roses, candles. What is this "The Bachelor"? Sorry I just felt a little barf rise in my mouth as I said that. If you're stumped on what to do with your hubby/baby daddy/guy you only text but haven't met/future fiance (he doesn't know it yet) than read on. Here are some offbeat Valentine's Day ideas for those of you are more sarcastic than sappy.  

1. Take a Cooking Class



Cooking. I know. In your mind you're all Chrissy Teigen crossed with Martha Stewart. In reality you're more Fuck This. Like isn't that's why there's delivery? And restaurants? Yes, but you can't slyly brush past your SO's arm while walking to the blender. Plus think of the cute #foodporn pics you can take for Instagram.

2. Go to the Planetarium


This shit is romantic as hell. And chances are it's cold AF wherever you are so this is perfect since you'll be warm and cozy indoors. Gaze up and the stars and pretend you're some place warmer. Or simply that's its summer and the hell that is known as winter is over.

3. Skip Dinner and Get Dessert


Rich bitches aside, not all of us can afford a fancy la-di-da restaurant on the big V-day. Skip the fuss and just get dessert. Dessert is the real aphrodisiac anyway, no? But the best part is since you didn't stuff your face at dinner you can have two desserts and get real cray cray,

4. Have a Poor Man's Progressive Dinner


Who needs a pub crawl when you can have a dinner crawl? Grab appetizers at Taco Bell, dinner at Applebee's, and dessert at Cheesecake Factory. YES I AM LOW BROW sometimes, but isn't that what makes life fun? Plus if your man is tall he'll appreciate the larger portions that are served at chain restaurants. No more listening to him bitch and moan because the serving was too small for his raging man metabolism. 

4. Just Stay Home and Bone


Bust out the handcuffs and call it a day. What could be more romantic?

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