Ten Best Clueless Quotes


The year was 1995. Kurt Cobain had just committed suicide the year before and gangsta rap was all but dead. Full House ended depriving all of us of our weekly dose of John Stamos. And Superman (aka Christopher Reeve) became paralyzed. In short, things seemed kind of dismal. And then came Clueless

Over 20 years this later, this film is still a classic. Because hello fab clothes and female empowerment! There's hardly a life crisis in which a Clueless quote isn't applicable. And on that note, here are the best Clueless quotes.


1. "Ugh, as if!"

Cher tells fuckboys to go fuck themselves showing bad bitches everywhere how to deal with sexual harassment and dudes that are just gross.


2. "You're a virgin who can't drive"

Ooooh! The slam of all slams! Tai does not play around when Cher gets snippy with her for liking Josh. Cher just needed to own up to the fact that she wanted to diddle Josh. 


3. "That's way harsh Tai"

In response to Tai's dig, Cher responds with this timeless nugget of wisdom. It also happens to be the perfect response to everything from your boss's admonition for not working to your aunt asking why you still don't have a BF.


4. "This is an Alaia!"

Clearly the man holding a gun to Cher's head didn't get it. His loss. Loser.


5. "Whatever!"

If I ever become deaf, there's one thing I'll be able to say. Whatever!


6.  “She’s a full-on Monet. It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s okay. But up close, it’s a big old mess.”

I never liked art class because hello snooze, but I can get behind this quote. This is the go-to phrase when your bestie's crush isn't interested. 

7. “You see how picky I am about my shoes, and those only go on my feet.”

Cher ain't got no shame in her game! There's nothing wrong in holding out for the right guy or girl. And that goes for you and your vagina.

8. "I totally paused"

This is exactly what you should tell an officer when they pull you over. 


9. "I am totally bugging"

So much better than freaking out.


10. "I was surfing the crimson wave"

Sounds so much cooler than "my period". Or "I had blood gushing out of my cooter."



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