Um Why Did Kylie Jenner Name Her Baby Stormi?

kylie jenner stormi

We all know the Kardashians are the brightest bulbs, but this latest move seems exceptionally bizarre. Even if Kylie wasn't aware of Stormy Daniels because you know she's been living in a cave for the past 9 months, Stormi seems like an interesting choice. Is Kylie planning a future for her daughter as a stripper? It is spelled with an "i" for heaven's sake. 

Or maybe Kylie is super into Stormy Daniels and thought it would be hot to name her first born after a porn star. No one has ever accused the Kardashians of having good taste, the least of all Kylie. I looked on Facebook and couldn't find one person named Stormy or Stormy, so maybe Kylie just wanted a super unique name that no normal human has. 

stormi webster 👼🏽

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I wonder did Kylie’s baby shower have a weather-related theme? Perhaps some clouds and faux lightening? I can only hope Stormi eventually ends up marrying a weather man. Or at least gets knocked up by one.

Personally, it kinda has a negative vibe. I mean if you’re going to go stripper, why not Sunshine? But I digress.

What is truly remarkable is that a woman named Breanne Durbin predicted the name back on December 31. Um, I don’t know if this woman is a professional psychic, but if she isn’t she needs to set up shop ASAP.

She wrote “I'm predicting it now, @KylieJenner and @trvisXX baby's name will be Stormy RT if you agree #prediction


On Feb 6th after Kylie made her announcement Breanne followed up with another tweet saying “You heard it here first”.

What?! How did she know? Clearly my guesses for Kylie’s baby name were nonexistent but if I were to pick, I’d pick Butterfly or Rainbow. Breanne you are clearly a better psychic than the rest of the internet. Kudos for a job well done.


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