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All Our Thoughts on The Bachelorette So Far This Season: Katie Thurston, Season 17

Warning! This post contains spoilers.

Read at your own risk of getting some of the piping hot tea on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

We’re only three episodes into Season 17 — and already, it’s full of romance and drama. As expected.

Katie brought much-needed sex positivity to the show, and we are trying to comprehend Chris Harrison’s departure from the franchise.

We have some thoughts.

1. Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe as Mentors/Hosts

After Chris Harrison’s scandal, it wasn’t a surprise to many that he left the show. But that left many people wondering who the hell would take his place.

When former Bachelor contestants turned Bachelorettes Tayshia and Kaitlyn stepped in to act as hosts/mentors to Kaitie, we were curious to see how it’d play out.

Not only are the ladies serving as Season 17 hosts, but they’re also there to guide Katie as friends — and we could not be more here for it. It just makes sense to have someone who’s been through the emotional rollercoaster of being Bachelorette and having 20+ men vie for your love there to guide you.

2. All The Sex Positivity

At Crimson and Clover, we’re extremely pro-ho.

Katie’s sex positivity is a breath of fresh air on The Bachelorette. When contestant Cody Menk brought a blow-up sex doll as his first impression, we were slightly confused — but honestly here for the boldness and acceptance from the Bachelorette herself. Too bad he turned out to be a fame seeker and got booted off the show.

In a show that’s typically shied away from bold conversations around sex, we love how open and vulnerable Katie has been.

3. The Men Voting Contestants Off In a Sacrifice Style

As the cocktail ceremony spilled into the third episode, we were praying to The Bachelorette gods that Katie would figure out Karl Smith’s snake-y ways.

We’re sorry, but claiming some men have impure intentions without reason to back it up? It’s a no from us.

As Katie began dolling out her roses, the tension over whether she would believe him or not began to rise. When Mike Planeta told Katie in the middle of the rose ceremony that all the men decided as a collective they needed to tell her Karl was being dishonest and impure, we were shocked.

We were surprised she had planned to keep him around — but extremely relieved when she didn’t call his name to give him a rose. Boy, bye!

However, we were again surprised when later in the episode, the men again came together to form a union to band against Thomas Jacobs (aka Tom). It came after he admitted in a group heart-to-heart that he initially came on the show seeking fame and maybe trying to be the next Bachelor.

What is this with men coming together to vote off a specific man? We’ve never seen anything like this. Imagine being the one to be voted off the show by the other men. Yikes!

4. Greg and Connor B.

We know it may be early to have a favorite. That’s why we have two.

From the first impression, Connor Brennan won our hearts. Dressed in a cat suit, he was precious and charming. There’s a visible spark between him and Katie, and he’s a middle school math teacher — which is just wholesome and charming. We love the vibe.

We’re also rooting for Greg Grippo. If you can kiss someone on a plastic bucket made for pooping (on a first date, no less), there’s clearly a connection. That’s a level of comfort there that some relationships may never reach.

While we love many of the other contestants — and are willing to see who may still capture Katie’s heart — these are two of the top contenders in our eyes.

Aaron Clancy — who had beef with Cody — has also secured a place in our hearts. But we get more bro vibes from him like he’s Katie’s friend looking out for her. We’ll never say never. Sometimes the best relationships start with more friendly vibes.

It’s already been an emotional season of The Bachelorette and it’s only sure to be amplified as the season goes on.

Will Tom be voted off the show as Karl was? Who will be sent home next? We have a lot of questions, and we’re eagerly awaiting the next episode.

We love this journey for Katie.