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Cardi B Revealed She's Having Another Baby — Celebrate with the Hoes in Your House


Grab a bottle and get ready to celebrate — our favorite female rapper, Cardi B., just revealed she’s having another baby.

She made the announcement in an Instagram post with the simple caption “#2! ♥️ @offsetyrn,” tagging her husband. The picture showed her clad in gold jewelry, with white paint covering her breasts and abdomen. She held her pregnant belly, looking like a goddess.

She then shared a series of other pictures on Instagram. In one, Offset stood behind her and cradled her belly. In a third, her daughter, Kulture sat next to her as they wore matching white outfits and turbans. The two looked at each other as Kulture put her hand on her mom’s stomach.

If you’re as big of a Cardi B fan as we are, you’ll no doubt be celebrating this announcement. Here’s how to celebrate with the other hoes in your house.

1. Blast Cardi B Music

The first thing we did upon seeing Cardi’s announcement was blast her music.

Whether you choose to bop to her Invasion of Privacy album, some of her older tracks before she topped the charts, or her more recent singles, listening to her songs is the perfect way to celebrate.

Some of our personal favorites include “I Like It,” “Up,” and “Money.”

Her music radiates female power and bad bitch energy — perfect for celebrating her announcement.

2. Send a Baby-theme Card to Your Favorite Cardi Fan

We believe in sending a card for every occasion — and even when there isn’t one.

If you know someone who’s a diehard Cardi fan, consider sending them a note to celebrate — or saying that shit just got real.

In true Cardi style, congratulate a ho for getting knocked up, or for the new boobs baby.

3. Light a Cardi Candle

In a nod to Cardi herself, there’s no more perfect way to celebrate her new addition to her family than with a candle that says “there’s some hoes in this house.”

What can we say? WAP was a bop. Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion gave us the energy we needed.

Not only is the candle a nod to the queen of rap herself but it also smells like someone has been naughty, nectarine, and honey.

4. Sport a Necklace Cardi Herself Would Approve Of

Harness Cardi’s bad bitch energy with a necklace she herself would approve of.

No matter your boob size, show that you have big tit energy — or sugar tits.

Want to send a clear message to your haters? Grab one that tells them to eat a dick. Or simply say "fuck it."

5. Pour up Some Bacardi

When Cardi B rose to fame with her single “Bodak Yellow,” people began to question where her name came from.

She revealed that she used to be called by the nickname “Bacardi” — which she shortened to Cardi B.

While Cardi herself may have to take a break from celebratory drinks, you can pour up some of the liquor that inspired the rapper’s name and cheers in her honor.

Whether you choose to blast some of Cardi’s hits or want to harness her “hoes in this house” energy with a candle, we hope you’re able to find a way to celebrate her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

We’ll be blasting “WAP” and making Bacardi diets all week long.