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Everything You Need to Celebrate the Summer Solstice — and the Longest Day of the Year

June 21 is the summer solstice — which marks the official start of the season.

Although we’ve been in full hot girl summer swing for the past month, we’re gearing up to celebrate the true kickoff.

The summer solstice also marks the longest day of the year — so we’re going to soak up all the sunshine we can.

As you get ready to head outside, we’ve got the essentials you need to embrace your true ho bag self and tap into that feel-good energy only summer can provide.

1. A tote for all your picnic essentials

If you’re anything like us, the seasonal affective disorder (aka, seasonal depression), hits different in the winter months. We soak up as much sunshine as possible in the summer to get that vitamin D and keep our endorphins up.

You best believe we’ll be picnicking it up until well after the sun sets — and getting every ray of sunshine on our skin possible.

A tote for your wine, weed, and groceries is perfect for bringing all your goodies to a picnic. Or let those you see in the grocery store when you’re grabbing a six-pack know you’re silently judging them for their plastic bag.

No matter your vibe, there’s a tote that will hold everything you need while you get drunk on the grass and watch the sunset.

2. A hat to protect yourself from the sun and unwanted conversations with others

As much as we love the sun and the vitamin D it generously provides, we are not here for UV rays and unnecessary wrinkles.

If you’re trying to protect yourself from unwanted UV damage — and conversations — a “not listening” trucker hat is basically essential.

What better way to both keep your skin shielded and give people the message that you don’t want to listen to them go on about about why their junior year of college was the best of their life? Thank us later.

3. Labels to take your wine game to the next level

We all love a bottle of rosé or pinot grigio in the summer heat. Why not take your wine game up a notch and spice it up with a fun label?

Although you may spend the summer solstice outside all day drinking — remind your friends it can’t all be coke and threesomes.

Or have a little birthday celebration for the summer season. Does this seem a little extra? Maybe. Are we embracing this? Absolutely.

4. A tumbler to keep you hydrated

While a day in the sun is fun like no other, it’s easy to become dehydrated — especially if you’re drinking. This is where the phrase “hydrate or die-drate” becomes a reality.

Grab a tumbler to keep on hand. This way you can sip on water in between glasses of wine or cans of seltzer.

As a bonus, it lets the masses know you’re single and ready to mingle. That’s truly hot girl summer energy.

We all have to enjoy the sunshine while we can. You deserve it after a year of being cooped up indoors.

While you head outside to embrace the official start of summer and the longest day of the year, we hope you’re able to find some goodies to enjoy the day even more.