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Items for When You Simply Don't Want to Be Bothered

We love social interaction, don’t get us wrong — but sometimes, you simply can’t deal with people.

Making small talk while waiting for the subway? Count us out. Is some Chad or Brad trying to chat you up on girls’ night at the bar? No thanks!

How do you let the world know you’re not in the mood for BS? Send a message loud and clear that you simply don’t want to be bothered with these items.

1. An “Eat a Dick” Tee

Are you going to the bar and simply don’t want to engage in small talk with the men that keep trying to hit on you before making you buy their tequila soda? Avoid small talk and enjoy time with the girls, gays, and theys with this tee.

Why try to escape Brad and Chad’s talk about whatever the hell blockchain when you can just keep them from bothering you in the first place by sporting this shirt? It has a fun banana graphic, so it’s cute — and still gets the message across.

If you're going somewhere where you know you’re going to run into your ex, this shirt is appropriate for the occasion.

Plus, if you’re going somewhere cold, you can also grab a sweatshirt version — so you can stay toasty and unbothered.

2. A “Not Listening” Hat

If you’re going to the gym and want to avoid someone mansplaining the basics of weightlifting, this hat is the perfect accessory.

Out running errands and don’t want to make small talk at the grocery store? Let people know as you nod your head, you’d only thinking about the glass of wine you’re going to pour when you get back to your apartment.

This hat stops small talk before it starts — so you can go about your day in blissful silence and peace.

3. A “No One Cares Karen” Mug

Tired of hearing your neighbor complain about small things every morning when you sip coffee on your front porch? Let them know that literally no one — especially you — cares.

If there’s one coworker at your office that just can’t seem to understand that there are bigger problems in this world than the restaurant forgetting to hold the onion on her to-go salad, this mug will tell her.

While you may not be able to wear an "eat a dick" necklace or tee to your office, this mug will let people know you don’t want to be bothered so you can enjoy your coffee.

4. A Candle to Show You Can’t Deal

Looking for a way to let your house guests know you can’t deal? Grab a candle that gets the message across.

Tell that rambling guest to STFU with one that says "Eat a Bag of Dicks." State the obvious — that you’re hiding from the family to get some peace and quiet.

Let your guests know that you don’t give AF, and may be a bit of a salty bitch. You can also tell people that literally no one in the world cares, and you have zero fucks given.

No matter the message you want to send, you can find a candle that’s as subtle — or obvious — as you like to say you don’t want to be bothered.

We hope you’re able to let those around you that you want to live in peace! Hopefully, they at least will pay attention to the subtle — or not so subtle — message you send across, and you can remain unbothered.