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Music Festival Essentials: Get Ready for Lollapalooza, Governor's Ball, Rolling Loud, and More

After a year of being cooped up inside, we have never been more ready to stand packed together with thousands of people for 12+ hours and jam to music.

Some select favorite music festivals like Coachella have been canceled or postponed for another year due to the pandemic. Others, however, are returning in just a matter of weeks. We. Are. Ready.

New York alone is hosting several different festivals held throughout the summer — including Governor’s Ball, Rolling Loud, and Electric Zoo.

Whether you’re jamming in Chicago at Lollapalooza or heading to San Francisco for Outside Lands, we’ve got the everything to make sure you’re prepared for hours of dancing and good vibes. All you’ll need to do is mentally prepare yourself to stand in the summer heat among a crowd of sweaty bodies.

1. A zipper bag for all your essentials

If you’ve been to a music festival before, you know it can feel like you need to carry the world in your pocket.

Whether it’s tampons, sunscreen, or a portable charger, you have to hold everything you’ll need for the day while enjoying festival happenings. A zip pouch is the perfect thing to stash all the loose odds and ends you’ll need for the day.

You’ll be glad you have somewhere to put your weed stash — or your deodorant.

2. A t-shirt that shows you’re here for a good time

After a year cooped up inside, you’re probably ready to flirt and ho out.

Let everyone at that festival know your weekend plans: drinking and hoeing. Alternatively, let the masses know you believe in science — and that you’re waxed and vaxxed. It’s like advertising you’re single for hot girl summer.

If you get a little wild at festivals, get a tee to remind everyone that although the weekend may be a free-for-all, it can’t all be coke and threesomes.

3. A tumbler to keep you hydrated

If you are standing in the sun for 12+ hours, we beg you: please drink some water.

We are all thirsty after a year of Facetime dates. But do not let yourself get the other kind of thirsty — dehydration is bad. Especially if you’re drinking and in the heat.

A single and ready to mingle tumbler serves a dual purpose. It’s perfect to fill up at water stations, and it lets the crowds know you’re available.

4. A sweatshirt for when the nights get cold

Especially if you’re going to a music festival that has camping — like Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee — you’ll need to be prepared for all kinds of weather.

When the sun goes down, nights can get cold. Cozy up in a sweatshirt on those chilly nights while you’re still enjoying the performances.

Grab one that celebrates how fucking magical it feels to be out in the world again. Or snag one that advertises how you love to save water and drink champagne.

A cropped crewneck is perfect if it’s just slightly cool and you want something to cover your arms. You can let people know you’re overworked and under intoxicated or pro black, pro brown, pro gay, pro trans, and pro ho.

Whether you’re staying close to home and enjoying a day of music from your favorite artist or driving across the country for a long weekend, we hope you’re able to find the music festival essentials you need.

Enjoy being packed together with thousands of others after a long year and vibing to your favorite artists. You deserve it.