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Our Favorite Drinks We're Sipping on This Summer

As we spend the days outside and head to rooftop happy hours, there’s nothing better than a refreshing, fun cocktail.

Adorned with fruit, flowers, and tiny umbrellas, summer drinks are not only cute — they’re flirty and help us feel tapped into that hot girl summer energy.

If you’re on the hunt for something new to sip on, look no further. We’ve rounded up our favorite cocktails and drinks we’re sipping on all summer long.

1. Aperol Spritz

We have no idea when this drink became popular, but it seems like it sprung up overnight. Now whenever you order one, it seems like the entire table has to as well. We get it. It’s a great drink.

This brunch classic embodies summer with its peachy red color and orange slice garnish. It’s perfect for day drinking.

2. Frosé

Need we say more? Frozen rosé is the ultimate rooftop summer drink.

It’s light, slightly sweet, and will keep you cool on a warm day. Plus it’s pink — what’s not to love?

3. Hard Seltzers

As much as we wanted to hate hard seltzers (they used to give off weird frat boy energy), there’s so much we love about them.

They’re not heavy, so they won’t make you feel bloated in the sweltering heat like some other fizzy or hoppy drinks will. They usually come in packs with a mix of flavors, which makes it perfect to bring and share at a picnic or summer barbeque.

And they’re usually around 100 calories (if you care about that).

4. Mojito

With a mix of rum, fruit, lime, and mint, a mojito embodies everything that makes us think of summer. It’s refreshing, crisp, and cool.

You can order (or make) them with a variety of fruit garnishes — like blueberry or cucumber — to match your mood.

5. Fruity Lemonade

Lemonade is a nostalgic summer drink. It always reminds us of those lemonade stands we tried to run as kids on sweltering days.

Make a twist on this drink that’s sure to remind you of your entrepreneurial roots. Add some strawberry or raspberry to elevate the tart lemon flavor.

If you’re feeling extra bold, spike it with some vodka or your other favorite liquor. We won’t judge — especially if your weekend plans include drinking and hoeing.

6. Whisky Sour

While many may think of whisky as being a dark liquor that should be saved for the cold winter months, we believe you can — and should — drink it all year long.

Try a whisky sour to give your dark liquor a refreshing, tart twist.

If you’re feeling extra bold, throw a maraschino cherry in there. You can impress your friends with your ho bag skills and show how you can tie the stem in a knot with your tongue. We love a good party trick.

7. Sangria

Whether you love red wine or are a diehard white wine fan, a sangria is the perfect fruity drink to enjoy.

Whether you’re at brunch or a summer Friday happy hour, it’s the perfect drink to split a pitcher with your friends.

8. Arnold Palmer

This sweet tea and lemonade combo is another summer drink that gives us the ultimate feeling of nostalgia.

While we love sipping on a classic Arnold Palmer on the beach, you can, of course, spike it. Try adding a little (or a lot of) vodka or some limoncello to boost that lemon flavor.

9. Moscow Mule

Half the reason we swear we love these so much is because they come in a cool copper mug. Apparently, that’s because of how it enhances the flavors.

We believe in science so we’ll take it.

The combination of ginger beer, lime, and vodka also makes it the ideal crisp drink to cool off with on a toasty day.

10. Water

Sorry if this seems boring. We know it sucks forcing yourself to drink water. But you will feel infinitely worse if you don’t.

If you feel like you have to force yourself to stay hydrated, add some lemon, lime, or other fruit to add a bit of taste. It’s refreshing and fun.

Go drink a glass right now. We know you’re thirsty. It’s hot.

Whether you prefer something light and refreshing or you enjoy drinks that are fruity and sweet, you can try them all to find your signature drink of the summer.

Just remember to rotate water in between drinks every now and then. That way you can pop it like it’s hot and keep drinking all day long.