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Our Thoughts on the Gossip Girl Reboot

Welcome back, Ho Bags. Gossip Girl is has returned — and we have some thoughts.

We were uncertain how we’d feel without the characters from the OG series. We're still obsessed with them. However, one episode in, this reboot series has already promised piping hot tea. We are invested.

As we contemplate how the drama will play out over the season, here are some of the thoughts we have on the reboot so far.

Warning! This post contains spoilers from both the original GG and the reboot!

1. The Much-Needed Diversity

The characters within the series already called out how white the original GG was. Thankfully, in this season, we have an extremely diverse cast and crew — not just in terms of different ethnicities, but also in different sexual orientations.

This characters at St. Jude’s and Constance Billard are very pro black, pro brown, pro gay, pro trans, and pro ho — and we could not be more here for it.

2. All the Character Lookalikes

We were prepared for someone to embody similar energy to Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen in the reboot. We were not ready for the physical resemblances between all the new characters and the OG cast, however.

Audrey Hope (Emily Alyn Lind) looks exactly like a blond version of Blair. Max Wolf (Thomas Doherty) gives us ultimate Chuck Bass vibes. Otto ‘Obie’ Bergman’s dark, curly hair is quite reminiscent of Dan Humphrey.

It feels oddly like when you go through a breakup and every person you see reminds you of your ex — but we’re somehow okay with it.

3. We Love that We Already Know Who Gossip Girl Is

Make it make sense that Dan was Gossip Girl. We find it hard to believe that he did all that so he could make it into the lives of the Upper East Side’s elite.

Knowing that Gossip Girl is not just a team of people — but that it's the TEACHERS — makes so much sense. How did Dan have time to do all of that basically by himself? Now we don’t have to spend time trying to piece together who could possibly have the time or motivation to cause ultimate chaos among the Upper East Siders.

While we love that we know who GG is, it also seems lowkey fucked up that teachers are willing to ruin the lives of high schoolers. We have mixed feelings — after all, the students were running the school and got one of them fired.

We’ll have to see how this plays out over the full season.

4. All the Rivalries and Tension in Just the First Episode

It wouldn’t be Gossip Girl without the tension and spectacle. Are we surprised at the drama this early into the season? Absolutely not.

The sexual tension between Audrey, Aki (Evan Mock) and Obi is high.

We were hoping for a tight friendship between half-sisters Zoya and Julien — but in classic GG style, we can’t have anything nice. It’s now a heated sibling rivalry, created by GG and the other Upper East Siders.

We’re eagerly awaiting for each new episode so we can see how the next season plays out. We hope for lots more drama in this Gossip Girl reboot — just like we saw with the original series.

Until then — xoxo,

Crimson and Clover