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Shipping FAQ

How do I file an Insurify Claim?

Please click here.

What is Insurify Protection and Why Should I care?

We have partnered with Insurify to help customers with lost/stolen packages. For more info on how Insurify works, their policies, etc, please click here. If you unselect Insurify when you checkout, unfortunately we will not be able to help.

I have Insurify and my package is lost / missing / still in pre-shipment after 3 days or delivered but I can't find it. 

-Please click here to read the policies regarding your specific issue. 

I'm a gambler and decided to take my chances so I unselected select Insurify at checkout and my package is lost / missing / still in pre-shipment after 3 days and/or delivered but I can't find it:

Sometimes carriers blow. And blow hard. Many orders get marked as delivered when they are still sitting in your carriers truck. 

If it was delivered and you live in an apartment building please check with your front desk attendants and the area surrounding the mail center. 99.99% of the time it has been misplaced, it has fallen behind a shelf, or it has been piled with your neighbor's mail. Alternatively it may have been left with one of your neighbors. Tell Suzy to give you your package back. 

If you still can't find it or it's lost or missing, we recommend calling / visiting your local USPS/ UPS / Fedex office. They will be able to speak to your mail carrier directly and do a geolocation check. Do not call the main USPS hotline. 

What are the shipping / processing times? 

Ordinarily, items ship within 1-3 business days (that's Monday - Friday, duh) unless otherwise specified. From Nov 1 - Dec 25th, orders ship within 1-5 business days. Certain apparel items that ship separately take 2-9 business days to ship. See description.

U.S. packages generally take 2-9 business days to arrive after shipping. Canada takes approximately 2 weeks. All other international orders can take up to 5 weeks. 

Choosing expedited shipping does not change the processing time.

USPS does NOT guarantee delivery times, they only provided expected delivery dates. UPS and FedEx are more accurate but can experience delays. Therefore Crimson and Clover CANNOT guarantee delivery times. When our crystal ball is working again we will let you know.

Please see USPS policies if you would like more info.



What if I need my item by a certain date?

Delivery times are not guaranteed. Yes even if you purchase expedited shipping. FedEx and UPS fuck up too. 

How do I track my item?

Your tracking number is emailed to you. 

My package has been shipped but is stuck in transit. What gives?

Your tracking number is emailed to you. Unfortunately, we don't have any additional information other than what the carrier provided. If you purchased Insurify, you can file a claim with them after 7 days after the last tracking update. If you unselected Insurify at checkout, Insurify we are unable to help.

I'm a dingdong and I put the wrong address and/or I need to cancel what do I do?

There's a 99% chance we cannot change the address or cancel after an order has been placed so don't fuck it up the first time. Packages are ONLY sent to addresses on file. Buyers are responsible for having the correct address.

We cannot refund for orders with incorrect shipping addresses if it has already shipped until the package is returned to us. You will be refunded minus shipping.

We will do our best to change addresses and/or cancel before your package leaves the warehouse, however orders go to our warehouse immediately and it isn't always possible. So if we can't you're SOL. 

If your address is incorrect and we need to contact you, it will delay your shipment. 

My package got returned to sender and/or I refused delivery. Can you refund me?

Yes we can refund you minus any shipping or customs fees assessed. We are unable to refund the shipping or customs fee. If you received free shipping, you will still be assessed the charge for shipping. Free shipping is a courtesy offered to customers when they make a purchase over a certain amount. That courtesy is not extended when a customer returns an item. 

I neglected to read or understand something and now I'm angry.

Sorry bud.

My item was broken. Or something is missing. 

Please contact us within 48 hours of receipt. We cannot replace items after that.

Non-US / International / Canadian Customers 

Please note the buyer (that's you) is responsible for paying any taxes/duty/customs upon arrival in their home country. Any packages that are sent back because the buyer refused to pay taxes will not be refunded. 

For additional information Canadians can visit these pages:

This information is from the Canadian government. We are providing it as a courtesy. We do not have any jurisdiction or control over a foreign government and are not responsible if the information changes.


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