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Celebrate Friendship Day with These Gifts for Your Bestie

August 1st is Friendship Day. The UN’s international day recognizing friendship is on July 30 — and different countries across the globe often celebrate on other days. The U.S. commonly celebrates on the first Sunday in August, so you can celebrate two days in a row if you want.

It’s the perfect time to look back on all the fun (and possibly regrettable) memories you and your friends have made together.

If you’re looking to show some love to the fellow Ho Bags in your life, we’ve got the goods for you to send them.

Whether you’re looking for something heartfelt or you want to give them something that shows the sense of humor the two of you share, there’s a gift for every badass bitch in your life.

1. A card thanking them for being your friend

A card is the perfect way to thank your fellow Ho Bag for their friendship.

Thank your pal for being a bad influence — or reminding them that the two of you go together like alcohol and bad decisions.

Let them know the two of you will always be tighter than a virgin butthole.

If your friend is always there to listen to you talk about your life problems and your ex that keeps coming back to haunt you, thank them for always listening to your mental breakdowns. Or thank them for at least pretending to listen.

And if you want to just remind them how awesome they are, tell them they’re a badass bitch.

2. A candle to reflect your relationship

Everyone loves candles. For those who don’t… maybe reconsider your friendship (kidding).

Grab a candle to reflect your relationship with the friend in your life. Let them know you fucking love them. If your friend also happens to be your roomie, celebrate that there’s some hoes in the house.

Do you and your bestie love to party? Let’s get lit smells like good vibes and fresh cut grass. Day drinking smells like it’s time to drink prosecco. These will remind your friend of all the fun times you share at boozy brunch and drinking borderline regrettable amounts of vodka.

If you’re looking for something to make your friend laugh, consider a butt stuff, that ass tho, or wet and gushy candle.

3. A t-shirt to match their personality

Gift your bestie a t-shirt with a message that matches their personality.

If your friend is looking to ho out after spending the last year indoors, grab them one that lets the world know they’re waxed and vaxxed.

Is your friend always going on about how they want to quit their job? Grab them a tee that states they’re overworked and under intoxicated.

If your friend is a fan of the queen Cher, grab them one with the ever-favorite quote: “Mom I am a rich man.”

For the friend who doesn’t take anyone’s shit, snag a tee that tells people to block his number — or that they’re simply not listening.

4. A ho bag for your fellow Ho Bag

Remind your friend they’re your ho bag with a tote stating the obvious.

If your friend is the ultimate ho bag, gift them a weekender that can fit all their necessities for a long weekend of hoeing out.

If you prefer a different message, you can get them a tote that lets the world know they run on caffeine and inappropriate thoughts.

Or for the friend that’s passionate about human rights, grab one that says they’re pro black, pro brown, pro gay, pro trans, and pro ho.

We hope you’re able to find some gifts and celebrate the fellow Ho Bags in your life.

Take the day to tell them you love them and appreciate all the times they forced you to block your ex’s number instead of going over to his house (again).



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