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Stay Cool in The Summer Heat with Crimson + Clover


Happy hot girl summer, Ho Bags.

Not only are we celebrating the badass energy of summer — but we are also physically feeling the heat too.

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains or somewhere where it’s not approximately 1000 degrees every day, you’re probably also taking six times more showers than you do in the dead of winter.

We. Are. Sweaty.

Looking for ways to keep living hot girl summer while staying cool? Crimson and Clover’s got you covered.

1. Stay hydrated

You know you should be drinking more water. Go drink a glass right now.

While we are all thirsty for some action, being dehydrated is the quickest way to feel like you’re dying in the heat. That’s not a fun feeling and is very not hot girl summer vibes. Staying hydrated is sexy.

Grab a tumbler to make sure you’re sipping on water throughout the day. For some reason, sipping water through a straw is just more fun. It also makes it easier to stay hydrated.

As a bonus, it advertises that you’re single and ready to mingle — so it’s also a wingman.

2. Take a cool bath

After a long day in the heat, there’s no better way to cool off than with a chilled bath.

Treat yourself as you unwind in the water with a bath bomb or soak.

Even though you’re trying to stay cool, you can still pop it like it’s hot. If the heat makes you angry (like us), help yourself calm the fuck down.

Want to get some anger out at corporations that contribute to ridiculously hot heat waves with pollution? Grab one to send the message out in the world that they can eat a bag of dicks.

3. Tone down hot-headedness by journaling your feelings

While the heat may make us physically warm, it’s also making us emotionally hot-headed.

Help chill out your emotions by journaling them out. Write that shit down.

If you want to channel those feelings of anger about those massive corporations contributing to the climate crisis, write them an angry letter in a liberal agenda notebook.

Grab some fun pencils to help channel those emotions. Remind yourself that you’re a ray of fucking sunshine.

We’ve been told it’s healthy to jot down feelings on paper.

4. Carry a bag to stash your essentials for staying cool

When you’re trying to stay cool in the heat, it’s important to bring the essentials — like sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and more.

Snag a tote to carry all the items you need a day in the sun at the beach or at a music festival.

Whether you want a classic ho bag or you want to tell the world you’re fresh out of fucks because it’s so damn hot, there’s a tote to match your energy.

We hope you find some ways to keep living your best ho bag life and stay cool in the heat!

Drink water, slather on some sunscreen, and eat ice cream for dinner. We promise it’ll make you feel better.



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