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Hot Girl Summer is Here

It’s officially hot girl summer, ho bags.

Grab your bikini, take a shot, and block his number.

While we love a summer romance as much as the next person, this one is for us. After a year cooped up alone in our apartments, we are vaxxed, waxed, and ready to start making out with random strangers.

As you get ready to let your bad bitch energy radiate, we’ve got just the things to get you in the mood and help you spread the word that you’re living your hot girl summer all season long.

1. A Single & Ready to Mingle Tumbler

This tumbler is not only reusable and environmentally friendly, but it also clearly states that you’re ready for a hot girl summer.

Single and ready to mingle? That’s the definition of hot girl summer.

Fill it with water and take it everywhere you go because we know you’re dehydrated. Or fill it with tequila and take it to the beach — that way you can classily and inconspicuously get tipsy in the sun.

2. A Cute Tee to Tell the World You’re Living Hot Girl Summer

There’s no better way to celebrate living your best hot girl life than with a cute tee that you can wear all summer long. No matter what your main character energy is, there’s a shirt to match.

Is waxed and vaxxed your summer moto? Are your weekend plans drinking and hoeing? Wear it loud and proud.

Tell your fellow hoes to block his number — because Mercury Retrograde is right around the corner and we are not taking any man’s foolishness.

Or if you just want to serve feminine energy, remind the world that the future is female.

3. A Ho Bag

Need we say more?

Grab a classic ho bag tote for all your summer needs — like carrying wine to the park for a picnic, picking up a few groceries, or stashing your sunglasses and sunscreen for a beach day.

Or snag a weekend tote for all your long weekend trips.

A hot girl summer is a ho girl summer. We’re pro-ho here.

4. A Candle That Radiates Hot Girl Energy

Hot girl summer is all about self-care and focusing on yourself. What's a better form of self-care than a candle that reminds you what a bad bitch you are?

Grab one that says “big tit energy” to celebrate yours. Show your booty some love with a baby got back-scented “that ass tho” candle.

Let all the guests that come to your house know that you’re pro ho — with one that says loud and proud: “there’s some hoes in this house.”

5. A Necklace That Sends a Hot Girl Message

If you want a subtle way to share that you’re having a hot girl summer, grab an engraved necklace.

Tell the world you’re a bad bitch and you know it. Or wear one that says “sugar tits” above your own.

It’s a fun and subtle way to send a clear message you’re living your best life.

We hope you hoes live your best hot girl summer. Drink some water, shake that booty, and enjoy the sunshine. But don’t forget to put on sunscreen — the last thing anyone needs is a painful sunburn or premature wrinkles.



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