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Mission Statement

Growing up in an Indian household, sex was taboo. Which only became increasingly complicated as I (as in me Rachel), grew up and wanted to date like all of my other (non-Indian) friends did. I mean, hello I was on the cheerleading squad! I spent my nights looking at boys in tight pants. I would watch as my fellow cheerleaders Elka and Amy would flirt with dudes while I stood back wondering how I could do that too. As it turns out, it was not by utilizing tips from Seventeen.

Combined with a bipolar father, life was tricky to say the least. My parents fought a ton and I spent many nights in my room crying into my pillow. Sometimes even making out with my pillow. The only thing that got me through it all (besides my dog Sparky, RIP), was humor. I would crack jokes constantly making fun of everything and everyone including myself, much to my parents' chagrin. If I didn't find the humor in having garbage thrown (yes, literally) at me or being a called a slut (kind of ironic considering I was a virgin and looked like a Butterball turkey with glasses), I would have probably resorted to drugs or booze. Luckily, my vanity saved going down that road. Nothing like meth to fuck up the skin.

Fast forward to adulthood. I traveled the world, gained self-confidence, and sowed my wild oats. Twelve-year-old me would have been proud. I created Crimson and Clover Studio a) because I like to laugh and b) I want to make others laugh too. I also wanted to destigmatize sex through humor. Sex is kinda funny, isn't it? Crimson and Clover Studio is irreverent, fun, sassy, silly, and funny and most importantly meant for everyone.