About Crimson & Clover Studio

Person - About Crimson & Clover Studio

Crimson and Clover Studio was founded by sex and dating writer Rachel Khona. It all started with sticky notes Rachel and her then-boyfriend would leave for each other. She realized I had a knack for sassy zingers and giggle-inducing puns, often outdoing my him with her own sticky notes.

Unfortunately he turned out to be a turd.

His very last sticky note was left in her apartment with a box of my stuff saying “this isn’t going to work”. But Rachel would have the last laugh. 

One day when she was watching Oprah learning how to be my best self it dawned on her- why not take the stockpile of sassy phrases saved on her phone and turn them into greeting cards? And poof! Crimson and Clover (named after the Jimmy Eat World song "A Praise Chorus") was born. 

When she isn't designing for Crimson and Clover or singing off-key, she writes for various publications from the NY Times and Marie Claire. Read more at www.rachelkhona.com.