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Celebrate Parent's Day with These Goodies for Mom and Dad

If you thought the gift buying for your parents was over until the holidays, think again. Parent’s Day is July 25 — which means it’s time to grab some more goodies to show them your love and appreciation.

We already struggled with finding presents for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day — but now there’s ANOTHER day we have to find a gift? If you’re stressing over what to get the ‘rents, calm the fuck down.

We’ve gathered a few ideas to show Mom and Dad you love them — and they’re sure to make your parents chuckle.

1. A bath bomb or soak for the parent that’s always stressed

Being a parent is hard work. Think of all the chaos you caused during high school.

Show your love and appreciation for your parent that needs a little “me time” with a bath bomb or soak.

You could be sweet and gift them a “treat yo self” bomb. Or if your parent shares your sense of humor, get them one that tells them to calm the fuck down or calm your tits.

Show that after raising you, they’re surely fresh out of fucks.

It’s the perfect way to help them relax and enjoy some time for themselves.

2. A card with a heartfelt note

There’s no better way to show your love for your parents — or the parent of your kids — than with a card. Fill it with a sappy note showing them how much you love them. Or with a humor-filled message.

Thank your parent for always doing your laundry, or for making you the perfect being that you are. Apologize for your siblings, because at least your parents have you.

If you’re celebrating parent’s day with the person who’s helped you raise your kids, tell them they’re your favorite DILF or MILF. Or thank them for getting knocked up.

No matter your relationship with your parent, there’s a card that’s sure to put a smile on their face.

3. A mug with a message that makes them think of you every morning

Parenthood is both difficult and wonderful — so show your parent you love the journey for them.

Remind them that although you may be out of the house, their life can’t be all coke and threesomes like it was before they had you. Or that they have to drink coffee every morning because crack is bad for you.

If your parent refuses to converse with anyone before their second cup of coffee, get them a mug that tells them they’re a ray of fucking sunshine.

Have you been trying to get your parent to get back out in the dating world? Get them a tumbler that says they’re single and ready to mingle. It’s the perfect nudge and shows you care about more than just them helping pay your rent through college.

4. Nominate them for a Parent's Day Award

Has your parent gone above and beyond to make sacrifices for you?

Nominate them for a National Parents of the Year award, given by the Universal Peace Federation.

The Federation gives out awards each year to parents that "exemplify parental love, service, and dedication to their family and to the broader family of their local community."

July 9 is the deadline to submit — so make sure to nominate your parent before then.

5. A candle to light up their day

Everyone loves a candle — especially if it comes with a message that’s sure to make everyone laugh.

Grab one to apologize to your parents for your teenage years.

If you’re shopping for the mom in your life, grab one that acknowledges how real mom brain is — with the scent of dreams of a clean home, lemon, jasmine, and cotton.

If you’re looking to get something for the dad in your life, a dad bod candle — that smells like pot bellies, leather, amber, cinnamon, musk, and vanilla — is an appropriate choice. Looking for something sexier? Leather daddy smells like man meat, peony, and leather.

Have your parents reached the point where they no longer have the energy to care? Grab them a candle that says they have zero fucks given.

We hope you’re able to find something special for the parents in your life.

Remember to tell them you love and appreciate them — and say sorry for your teenage years.



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