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Love Cards + Anniversary Cards + Valentine's Day Cards

It's the rebel yell in the overly sentimental world of love notes! These cards aren't just paper; they're a bold statement, a sassy jab, or a cheeky confession that says, "Hey, Cupid, take notes!" From sarcasm that'll make your partner groan to declarations of love that are as extra as your favorite guilty pleasure, our collection has it all. Printed on top-notch 4 1/2 x 6 1/4 inch 100% cotton textured cardstock, these cards are the perfect mix of sass and sentiment. Each card comes blank inside, allowing you to pen your own epic love saga or perhaps a sweet and snarky note. Paired with a Kraft envelope, tucked neatly inside a cellophane bag, these cards are ready to deliver a love potion wrapped in humor. Whether you're celebrating a love that's been through the wringer or diving headfirst into a new romance, our Valentine's Day / Love Anniversary Cards promise to make your special someone laugh, maybe blush, and definitely rethink the ordinary. Get ready to turn tradition upside down and let your love story be as unique as these cards – because in the end, love should be celebrated with a twist and a smirk. 💘😜


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