Environmental Responsibility

At Crimson and Clover Studio we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact as our company grows. 


To mitigate the effects of shipping we are offering carbon offsets with every purchase with via Offset + Pachama.

Offset combines industry data with data from businesses on Shopify to determine how much CO₂ emissions your shipments release into the atmosphere.

Estimated monthly CO₂ emissions were calculated using the following variables:


Package weight   +   


Distance traveled  +


Mode of transportation

To learn more about carbon offsetting click here. To read more about our partner Pachama, click here and here

While we sell on Amazon, we do not sell via Prime Amazon Fulfillment. This way we can ensure our employees are treated according to our standards and packages are consolidated before shipping. Which means less environmental impact. The only time items are shipped separately is when they come from 2 different warehouses. We will never ship separately when sent from the same location.


All tees are eco-friendly and sweatshop free. 

Our apparel manufacturer uses solar energy, skylights, and LED to power their operations. 


Cartons are made from a percentage of recycled content, and is recyclable.

Our warehouse recycles between 80-100 tons of corrugate a year as well as 8-10 tons of clear plastic shrink wrap a year.