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6 Things to do with your Canvas Tote Bags

There's nothing better than a ho bag carrying one of our signature Ho Bags, or any of our awesome totes. It just warms our hearts to see you representing like that. But now that you've got your new bag, what should you do with it? Use it for something wholesome like grocery shopping, or pack a quick overnight bag for one last night with your toxic ex? Our canvas totes have a ton of uses.

1. Bring it on your next grocery shopping trip

This one is a no brainer. Crimson and Clover is eco friendly AF, so we wholeheartedly support reusable bags! You'll look like a total climate conscious baddie picking up your next bag of spinach, even though it will inevitably go bad in your refrigerator.

2. Bring it to class

This one's for all our scholarly hos. You're amazing - holding it down in school, learning to be a thought leader for the next generation. You deserve a sturdy bag to carry your books as you flit from class to class like a totally genius baddie.

3. Use it as an overnight bag

We get it - you swore that the last visit to your ex's was your last. But it's been a long pandemic, so we're not judging. Throw tomorrow's clothes in there to avoid a walk of shame situation, and escape the situation in the AM discreetly.

4. Wine carrier

Luckily, much like you, our totes can handle more than one bottle. Add a sweatshirt for padding and you've got a wine on the go bag.

5. Use it as your carry on

As we near the end of the pandemic, vacation is on all our minds. Our totes are an easy carry on bag for your next tropical getaway to a faraway land where hot pool boys bring you drinks every hour on the hour.

6. Stash your keepsakes

If you're not hitting the town any time soon, you can stash your keepsakes in one of our canvas bags. Stack them up and hang up the bag and all your old love letters are safe.
Really, the possibilities are endless. We're pretty sure that no matter what, this bag will change your life. Send us pics of all the creative ways you use your canvas



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