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4 Ways to Reuse our Candle Jars

So, you've gotten to the end of your Crimson and Clover candle. You knew this day would come- but you weren't prepared to part with them. We get it. Whether you had it by your bedside to add some sexy lighting to the room or at the front of the house to frighten your in-laws when they walk in, we know you'll want to hang on to all the memories. Here are 4 ways to reuse your candle jar.

1. Pot some plants in it!

If you're like us, you're in a constant cycle of buying plants, killing them, lamenting it, and buying them again. If you're ready to try again, our candle jars are the perfect size to plant something that thrives in a small pot. Try herbs, a cactus, or a succulent. Good luck and hopefully this time you and your plant's relationship will turn out better.

2. Turn it into a pencil cup

How is it possible that the moment you need a writing utensil, there are none to be found? No more! Empty out your candle and toss your pens and pencils in that sucker. Bonus points if they're Crimson and Clover pencils.

3. Put it on the bathroom counter

Toothbrush? Toss it in the empty candle jar. Tampons and pads? Yup, there's room for those. Condoms? Push them to the bottom and pull out as needed. Congratulations - now that you've got a bathroom counter jar, you've officially got your shit together!

4. If all else fails, use it as funny decoration around the house

If you've already got your plants potted, your pencils cupped, and your bathroom life together, there's nothing wrong with using our candle jars as simple decoration. They're hilarious, so anyone who enters your space is sure to get a kick out of it.

Happy upcycling!



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