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5 Reasons We Love Meghan and Harry

harry and meghan markle


Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 3 days, you've probably heard about Meghan and Harry's intense Oprah interview. Meghan bravely spoke out about her experience with mental health struggles and racism within the royal family, and Harry spoke up in defense of his wife and partner. And while we're still REELING from how f*cked up the royal family is (honestly why are we surprised??), we are HERE for Meghan and Harry. While there's probably 100s of reasons to love them, here are 5 of our top.

1. They stick together

Despite all the drama and BS from the royal family, Harry stands by his woman. He has backed her up and been by her side, as she's endured with him, and we LOVE a ride or die. So rare, so sexy. 

2. They speak the truth

Even in the reckoning era we're in, speaking the truth, especially to those in power, is tough AF. Meghan has been outspoken about what she believes in for a long time, and calling out the royal family for their racist antics gets 10/10 stars from us. 

3. They look amazing!

Ok, ok. Bravery and loyalty are obvi the most important traits about them, but how can you ignore their flawless style? We love a look, and Meghan and Harry's style is ALWAYS on point. Like, have you SEEN them? Perfection.

4. They're breaking the mold

Out with the (super) old (and in many cases gross), in with the new. Meghan and Harry are bringing a new face to what royalty looks like. And honestly, it's 2021. The world is ready for some fresh faces, and Meghan and Harry are the perfect fit.

5. They make a difference

As if we could have ASKED for more from this amazing woman, Meghan has long been known for her humanitarian work. So in addition to speaking truth to power, looking amazing, and being a ride or die to Harry, she's out saving the world. Honestly, we have no choice but to stan them as a couple, but especially Meghan.                                              

Oh, and BTW - we're so stoked to hear that their next babe will be a girl! May she inherit all of her mother's badassery. Best wishes from us!


Photo Credit: Mark Jones 



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