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All the Things About the Sex and the City Reboot That Have Us Freaking Out

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When it was revealed that Sex and the City is making a comeback with a reboot, we freaked out. Now, we can’t help but wonder: What. The. Hell. Is. Going. ON?

Our favorite sex columnist and writer, Carrie Bradshaw, is going to return for a 10-episode limited series, titled: “And Just Like That.”

Every time we hear an update about what to expect when Carrie and her friend group return to the screen, we lose our minds. Major characters missing and others making a reappearance? Someone get us a cosmopolitan because we need to calm the fuck down.

1. Kim Cattrall, AKA Samantha Jones won’t be in the reboot

UM. What? Kim Cattrall, AKA Samantha Jones, declined to appear in the reboot. What does this mean for Carrie, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York Goldenblatt?

There’s been some rumored drama between Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, and her co-stars. Kim hasn’t been specific about why she won’t reprise her character, just that she doesn’t want to do any more acting as Samantha Jones.

The producers haven’t said what this means for Samantha. Will she be re-cast? Will Samantha die? We don’t know what we’ll do without our favorite sex-positive character.

2. The series will deal with the COVID-19 pandemic

Whatever happened to escapism? One of the best things about re-watching SATC during quarantine is that we get to enjoy the fashion. We also get to appreciate the wild endeavors of Carrie and her friends trying to navigate life and dating in NYC.

We’re already reminded of the horrors of dating every time we watch the series – but at least it helps us cope with our own nightmare stories and have a laugh. Now we have to re-live the pandemic as we watch the SATC cast navigate it?

We beg, please let us have some escapism and simply freak out over trying to understand what men’s actions mean.

3. There will be three new series regulars – and they’re all women of color

The three new characters will be representative of how truly diverse NYC is. Yes, please!

Casey Bloys, the chief content officer of HBO Max, revealed to TV Line that Samantha’s absence – and now the appearance of three new recurring characters – represents how friends come and go throughout your life.

Although we are still mourning Samantha not being in the show, we are seriously pumped to see what these new characters bring to the SATC revival.

4. Big may not appear in the series… but Aidan is going to be in multiple episodes

This just feels like some insane drama and we are waiting for the tea. There have been rumors that Chris North, AKA Big, AKA Carrie’s lover, won’t be in the reboot.

He’s hinted those may not be true – but it’s unclear. We still can’t help but wonder what this would mean for Big and Carrie. Did he die? Do they get a divorce? We can only imagine what his absence means.

On top of that, why is Aidan (John Corbett), Carrie’s ex, going to be a seemingly prominent character? Does she cheat on Big with Aidan this time? Is their romance going to be re-ignited in quarantine? We are not well.

We are trying to relax as we eagerly await the return of Sex and the City. If there are any more bombshells, we may not be able to handle them.

Until then, we’ll be sipping cosmos and trying to hold ourselves together.




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