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Spring Cleaning: As you Marie Kondo your home, pick up these items to bring you joy

A girl with her eyes closed smiles while holding a yellow balloon with a smiley face on it. There is a ferris wheel blurred out in the background.

It’s spring cleaning season. What better time to tidy your home and clean those places that haven’t been dusted since before you stopped over-tweezing your eyebrows?

We’ve taken inspiration from the queen of tidying herself, Marie Kondo. Kondo teaches what’s called the KonMari method, which teaches you to clean your home room-by-room. As you go on sorting through your items, you only keep things that speak to your heart and spark joy.

Say goodbye to that ex’s sweatpants you have lingering at the back of your closet. Those only bring awful reminders. As part of the KonMari method, you thank the things that no longer serve a purpose in your life – and let them go. (At least you had nice memories with the guy whose t-shirt you still have).

As you release the things you no longer feel happy having, pick up these items for your home to spark joy.

1. A funny candle

Nothing will bring you more joy than a candle that asks your guests to “please don’t do coke in the bathroom.”

Or, one for your bedroom that reminds you that you are in fact “hiding from the family.”

As a bonus, the candle jars can also be reused – for everything from a plant holder to a pencil cup.

2. A mug to put a smile on your face each morning

Maybe you’re like us in the morning and are only smiling internally because you feel like a zombie until your second cup of coffee. Having a mug that tells everyone you’re “fresh out of fucks,” however, will spark a chuckle each morning.

Or, feel happy letting the world know your true weekend plans: drinking and hoeing.

3. A cute bag to help keep your life tidy

Find yourself with an obscene amount of makeup that doesn’t have a home as you’re tidying up? Need a place to stash all your pencils, pens, and other random odds and ends?

Grab a bag to keep your things tidy – and get a smile on your face while doing it.

As you clear out all the clutter in your house that no longer makes you happy, we hope you’re able to bring in a few new ones that spark joy.

We promise a candle that makes you and your house guests laugh will bring many more fond memories than your high school boyfriend’s wrestling t-shirt.



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