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May Day: Treat Yourself – or Someone Else – with These Goodies

Red, purple and white tulips on a white background surround letter tiles that spell out "HELLO SPRING"
Happy May Day, Ho Bags! We’re certainly celebrating the return of spring here at Crimson and Clover.

The weather is warming, the flowers are blooming, and there is finally more than eight hours of sunlight. Take that, seasonal depression!

To keep up with the tradition of May Day baskets, we’ve gathered some of the best goodies you can treat yourself with. Or if you’re feeling generous, put together a May Day treat to give a friend.

1. A cute tote bag to hold all your goodies

While baskets may be the traditional way to deliver your May Day goodies, a tote bag is the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s practical, cute, and roomy enough to hold anything you might need. Whether you’re stashing snacks for a spring picnic or a change of clothes for an overnight escapade, this tote will hold all your essentials.

2. A dreamy bath salt soak

What better way to treat yourself than with a relaxing bath and a glass of wine? Take your bath game to the next level with our unicorn dreams bath salt soak.

The rainbow-colored sea salt and essential oil blend will brighten your day with the beautiful colors of spring. It’s perfect for rainy days spent inside contemplating your life.

3. A Ray of Fucking Sunshine Mug

If you want to mimic the spring energy on May Day, remind the world what a ray of fucking sunshine you are with this mug.

Your roommates will be reminded not to talk to you until you’re at least ¾ the way through your first cup of coffee. Or drink your booze out of it so you can tolerate those around you. We don’t judge.


We’re finally feeling like ourselves after instantly freezing the second we stepped outside in the winter. Nature is alive and so are we! We hope you’re able to find some goodies and treat yourself – or someone else – to celebrate the return of spring.



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