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How to Congratulate a Bad Bitch for Graduating College

Graduation season is officially upon us. Cue the celebratory champagne, cap-throwing, and tears because, oh my GOD, those student loan payments are coming in hot.

Don’t let the graduate in your life panic as they see money coming out of their checking account every month. Instead, get that bad bitch a gift to celebrate four years of hard work and all-night study sessions.

Don’t know what to get your bestie who’s celebrating finally entering jobs that pay more than an internship credit? We’ve got you covered with five gifts to say, “Congrats!”

1.   A bad bitch necklace

Let everyone know she’s a “bad bitch” with an engraved necklace. It’s the perfect piece for her to wear when walking to accept her diploma. Or to wear on the daily to tell people with fragile egos that yes, she’s confident and secure, and she knows it.

2.   A funny graduation card

There’s nothing more heartfelt than a card written with all your favorite memories you shared with your friend during the last four years. Or fill it with embarrassing stories that make both of you laugh – whatever you’re feeling.

Pick up a card welcoming her to real adulthood (which unfortunately comes with things like trying to figure out what a 401k is?) – or saying goodbye to college.

3.   A boss babe candle

As that bad bitch in your life is graduating, give her something to keep on her desk to remind people who’s in charge.

It not only sends a clear message, but also smells great – with notes of kicking ass, taking names, strawberry cassis, and roses.

4.   A champagne sweatshirt

After taking off the cap, gown, and heels, there’s no better feeling than getting into a sweatshirt. Nothing says “Cheers” like this cute “Save water, drink champagne” crew neck.

It’s the perfect thing for her to cozy up in as she keeps sipping celebratory drinks after finally getting that diploma.

5.   A treat yo’ self bath bomb

After four years of stress in undergrad, she’ll want to unwind with some time for herself. A bath bomb is a perfect treat where she can spend an hour sipping wine, watching Netflix, and finally ~breathing~ because thankfully she will never, ever have to take a final again.

We hope you can find the perfect gift to celebrate the bad bitches in your life. Try not to let her panic over those student loans, and instead enjoy this lifetime achievement. Cheers!



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