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The Best Outfits of the Oscars

Ah, the Oscars! One of the most prestigious awards in film. But more importantly, one of the best nights of fashion. I don't know about you, but here at Crimson and Clover we absolutely LOVE a good look. Here are some of our favorites from Sunday's Oscars.

1. Carey Mulligan Stays Gold
SHEW! To start us off with an absolute knockout, we've got Carey Mulligan in this gold Valentino dress. Maybe we're a sucker for a golden girl, but this look left us absolutely breathless.

2. Viola Davis' White Gown
There are almost no words for this stunning look, but we will try. Davis wore a white Alexander McQueen gown, and we're pretty sure we will never want to wear anything *other* than a white gown ever again. With the diamond bracelets and the white clutch? Amazing.

3. Real Men like Colman Domingo Wear Pink
We've got to show some love to the gentlemen here, and Domingo makes it freakin easy. In this embroidered Versace suit, this man proves without a doubt that pink is for everybody. The crystals, the gold bracelets, and the gold buttons are the perfect accents. We can't even. An absolute dream.

Ever the fashion icon, Zendaya went above and BEYOND for us this time around. In a bright yellow gown with the absolute perfect cut and some stunning diamonds, Zendaya has once again proven why we're so obsessed with her.

At the tail end of a pandemic that we've lived through in sweatpants and coffee stained t-shirts, the celebs really delivered this year. 



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