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Celebrate Earth Day with Crimson and Clover

Happy Earth Day, Ho Bags! Who doesn't love to celebrate the greatest Mother of them all - Mother Earth? It's our home, and at Crimson and Clover, we take being eco friendly pretty seriously, so here are some ways to celebrate the day with us.

1. Rock one of our t-shirts
Carbon offsets neutralize the amount of CO2 necessarily produced during the shipping process, and is meant to reduce direct emissions as much as possible and offset all remaining emissions. Crimson and Clover uses carbon offsets for printing, so you can feel good about wearing any of our t-shirts or sweatshirts

2. Use our totes as reusable bags
Our tote bags are an excellent option for all of your bagging needs. Head to the grocery store with our Ho Bag on your shoulder and you may come home with more than just groceries.

3. Make your coffee at home
Skip the styrofoam takeout cup and make your coffee at home. We've got you covered on the mug.

4. Reuse those candle jars
Who doesn't love the smell of a freshly lit candle? No one that I know. But instead of trashing the glass container, why not upcycle them? We even wrote a guide on creative ways to hold onto those jars. Check it out!

5. Rock a Bad Bitch necklace in honor of the baddest bitch of all - Mother Earth. 

I think we can all agree that the Earth is a pretty rad place, and should be celebrated accordingly.



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