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J Lo and A Rod Broke Up - What now?!

In another day of terrible news, J Lo and A Rod, one of the most beautiful couples on the planet, has broken up. If I was Carrie Bradshaw, I'd be pontificating sullenly at my computer, wondering, if gorgeous people like this can't make their love work, is there really any hope for me? Well, we don't know. But what we do know is that you probably have people in your life just reeling from this news. Here's what to send them.

1. A simple sympathy card
Sure, it might seem a little dramatic. But we're still in a pandemic, stuck looking at our computers, phones, and tablets all day, so these celebrity couples were really giving us life. Send a card their way to lighten up the mood.

2. A Screw your Ex card
Maybe you have a friend who's going through a breakup of their own, and is discouraged that even perfect looking celebrity duos can't make it, send them a card reminding them that they're a bad bitch and that their ex is really trash.

3. A Bath Bomb
A Bath bomb is the perfect gift for all occasions, but especially effective for mourning your fav celebrity couple breakup.


We hope some of these offer a helpful reprieve for the pain that is watching yet another celebrity couple call it quits. If it helps, it looks like they ended on good terms, so maybe there is hope after all.



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