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Songs We’ve Got on Repeat to Get Us Hyped for Summer


A girl with blonde hair is wearing earphones. She is dancing to the music and her hair is sweeping in the air. She's standing in front of a yellow background.

Summer is on the horizon. The days are getting longer, our shorts are getting shorter, and we’re gearing up for hot girl summer.

As we lather on sunscreen to ward off the need for preventative Botox for another year, we’re getting ready for boozy brunch picnics and afternoons by the pool.

To get hyped for the summer, here are the songs we’ve got on repeat.

1. Levitating: Dua Lipa feat. DaBaby

Dua Lipa serves us the ultimate hot girl summer energy with this song. Running away in the galaxy and levitating with your sugarboo? Count us in.

We may be our own sugarboo, but this beat has us bopping along. It's getting us ready for flirty summer nights at the beach.

2. House Party: Ivan and Peter

The energy this song gives off is immaculate. The electric beat and talk of house parties is getting us ready to pop champagne by the pool.

We’ve got this on repeat from sunup to sundown. It’s only weeks until summer is officially here, so we’re stocking up on wine, weed and groceries for our own house parties — with a fully vaxxed crowd, of course.

3. Summer’s Here: Sun Room

There’s nothing to get you more excited for the season than a song that literally talks about summer being here.

It makes us want to roll the windows down and blast the song on car speakers like we don’t have a care in the world.

4. Magic In The Hamptons: Social House & Lil Yachty

Summer is for the Hamptons. It’s the perfect weekend trip. Catch us sipping rosé wine and bopping to this classic summer song all season long.

We are absolutely trying to get drunk in mansions — while looking classy, of course — and smash it. Hot girl summer, ho girl summer.

5. Kiss Me More: Doja Cat & SZA

Is it just us, or does summer make you want to make out with random strangers?

Now that we’re waxed and vaxxed, we’re ready to flirt — and possibly make out — with strangers. This song serves that hot girl energy and we can’t stop listening.

We hope you enjoy these songs to get you hyped for summer. The world is finally starting to open, and we’re ready for all the fun memories we’re going to make.

Fire up that barbeque and break out the spiked seltzer, because we’re serving bad bitch energy all season long.



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