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J Lo and Ben Affleck went on vacation together... is Bennifer back?

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Just when we thought we couldn’t be any more surprised than we were at Aubrey Plaza’s surprise wedding announcement, we are again shaken by celebrity news.

Apparently, one of our all-time favorite celebrity couples – Jennifer Lopez, aka J Lo, and Ben Affleck – might be reuniting? After 17 years, Bennifer might be back. 

First, they were spotted together in LA. Then, they went on a weeklong vacation together in Montana.

Then, it was revealed from an inside source that the two have supposedly been talking since February. And now J Lo is apparently “open” to a relationship with Affleck.

We’re still reeling from JLo’s split with A Rod. Here’s how we’re trying to cope with this bombshell news – and you can too.

1. A bath bomb to calm your tits

This news has us feeling anything but calm.

Try to stop freaking out over this nearly two-decade-long celebrity reunion, and unwind with a relaxing soak. Your tits will thank you.

2. A thank-you card for your those who listen to your breakdowns

If you’re anything like us, you’re sending paragraph-long texts to all your closest friends over this news. And you're ranting to anyone who will listen.

Send them a nice handwritten thank-you. They'll know you truly appreciate them matching your energy. It's needed every time we find out more info about Bennifer's possible reunion.

3. A shirt to encourage swearing to de-stress

Swearing helps relieve stress. It’s science (probably).

Show how you’re helping yourself relax over the fact that not only have J Lo and A Rod split – but now Bennifer might be back.

Get a t-shirt if the news has you feeling sweaty – or a sweatshirt if you’re bundled up and shaking over the bombshell reunion.

We hope you’re able to find some ways to cope with this whirlwind celebrity couple news.

We don’t know what we’ll actually do if Bennifer becomes official. We might need to pack our bags and head on a vacation to cope.



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