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Items for When You Simply Don't Want to Be Bothered

We love social interaction, don’t get us wrong — but sometimes, you simply can’t deal with people.

Making small talk while waiting for the subway? Count us out. Is some Chad or Brad trying to chat you up on girls’ night at the bar? No thanks!

How do you let the world know you’re not in the mood for BS? Send a message loud and clear that you simply don’t want to be bothered with these items.

1. An “Eat a Dick” Tee


Our Favorite Looks from the Cannes 2021 Film Festival Red Carpet

Held from July 6 to 17, we couldn’t tell you much about what went down at Cannes Film Festival. We can tell you, however, that we watched the red carpets — obsessively.

Red carpets are like fashion shows for all the different celebrities and designers we love — and we got a week and a half of it in France.

While some looks were elegant and simplistic, others were more eccentric — and we were here for it.

1. Bella Hadid...

Our Thoughts on the Gossip Girl Reboot

Welcome back, Ho Bags. Gossip Girl is has returned — and we have some thoughts.

We were uncertain how we’d feel without the characters from the OG series. We're still obsessed with them. However, one episode in, this reboot series has already promised piping hot tea. We are invested.

As we contemplate how the drama will play out over the season, here are some of the thoughts we have on the reboot so far.

Warning! This post contains spoilers from both the original GG and the reboot!

1. The Much-Needed...

Leo Season: What You Need to Know and How It Will Affect You

Leo season is almost here. The Sun heads into the lion sign on July 22 and will remain there until August 22.

While the Sun shifting into this fire sign will affect everyone differently based on their zodiac sign and natal chart, the general energy of Leo is theatrical and self-confident. Think of basking in the limelight.

As Cancer season comes to a close and Leo season kicks off, here’s what you need to know about how the shift will affect you.


Celebrate Friendship Day with These Gifts for Your Bestie

August 1st is Friendship Day. The UN’s international day recognizing friendship is on July 30 — and different countries across the globe often celebrate on other days. The U.S. commonly celebrates on the first Sunday in August, so you can celebrate two days in a row if you want.

It’s the perfect time to look back on all the fun (and possibly regrettable) memories you and your friends have made together.

If you’re looking to show some love to the fellow Ho Bags in your life, we’ve...