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How to Cope with Regé-Jean Page Leaving Bridgerton

If you're a Bridgerton fan, you know that this past week has been devastating. Learning that Regé-Jean Page is leaving the show has been the latest devastating news, and even though we're sure we'll see him on our screens again somewhere soon, we still need some time to cope with this loss. Here are some ways to deal, courtesy of Crimson and Clover.

1. Send a card to your friends with his beautiful face on it
OK, oddly specific, we know. But we just so happen to have a

Fictional Moms We Love

With Mother's Day around the corner, it's time to reflect on all of the things we love (and some of the things that irritate us) about our moms. But let's be real - we've all met a TV mom we wish we could hang out with for the day. In celebration of Moms everywhere, we've picked out our 5 favorite fictional moms.

1. Mrs. George (Mean Girls)
THE original Cool Mom, and our absolute best girlfriend, the iconic Mrs. George. I mean, Mrs. George had it all- snacks, condoms, and...

Ways to Style your Crimson and Clover T-Shirts

Spring time has finally arrived! Well, sort of. As we all know, the weather can be a little (a lot) fickle. So you want to bust out your t-shirts, but can't be sure that suddenly the sun and warmth will disappear like a dating prospect you met on the internet. So here are a few ways we suggest styling your Crimson and Clover t-shirts.

1. Throw on a sweater and call it a day

The easiest fix for the spring weather is to throw a sweater over top of...

6 Things to do with your Canvas Tote Bags

There's nothing better than a ho bag carrying one of our signature Ho Bags, or any of our awesome totes. It just warms our hearts to see you representing like that. But now that you've got your new bag, what should you do with it? Use it for something wholesome like grocery shopping, or pack a quick overnight bag for one last night with your toxic ex? Our canvas totes have a ton of uses.

1. Bring it on your next grocery shopping trip

This one is a no brainer....

4 Ways to Reuse our Candle Jars

So, you've gotten to the end of your Crimson and Clover candle. You knew this day would come- but you weren't prepared to part with them. We get it. Whether you had it by your bedside to add some sexy lighting to the room or at the front of the house to frighten your in-laws when they walk in, we know you'll want to hang on to all the memories. Here are 4 ways to reuse your candle jar.

1. Pot some plants in it!